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 If collecting or ordering cleaning equipment, please telephone the house first to ensure that someone is there to deal with your order.

S-Squeegee Locking teeth­

14 inch Squeegee Complete €12.50 + VAT

Stainless steel channel with variable positioning options.


Window cleaning Squeegee



ErgoTec Squeegee Complete­


6 inch €17.95 + VAT

12 inch €19.45 + VAT

14 inch €19.95 + VAT

18 inch €20.95 + VAT­

All sizes available

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Ninja Squeegees­

The  Ninja provides numerous benefits for
increased efficiency for the professional window cleaner.

Innovative Locking Mechanism to secure the swivel head in centre position.

14 inch complete €30.95 + VAT

18 inch complete €33.95 + VAT­­


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Technolite Squeegee­

With the new Technolite - the latest-generation ergonomic squeegee designed and tested by IPC Pulex- all stages of the job are optimized.

Technolite combines the classic qualities of easy handling and smooth movement typical of all squeegees by IPC Pulex with new features that improve performancein all conditions.

Soft handle to keep your hands warm.­

6 inch  €12.00 + VAT

12 inch €14.50 + VAT

14 inch €15.50 + VAT

18 inch €16.50 + VAT

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The rubber blade channel is locked into the handle by means of 2 teeth at the top of the spring that enter the corresponding holes. These are at regular intervals so off-center as required.

This increases the reach of squeegee so that you can get to the top of the window without ising a ladder. The handle is covered by a soft rubber grip and can be fitted into telescopic poles.

6 inch €10.00 + VAT

10 inch €11.00 + VAT

12 inch €11.50 + VAT

14 inch €12.50 + VAT

18 inch €13.50 + VAT­

22 inch €15.00 + VAT

All sizes available.­


Brass Squeegee­

This squeegee has been specially designed to clean difficult windows, i.e. with tight corners, unusual, rounded or convex shapes. It is sufficient to apply slight pressure to the channel against the window frame to allow the squeege to position at the correct working angle.­

The rubber blade is secured in the channel by a clip at either and. The advantage is that you can adjust the tension of the rubber blade and stiffen it at the ends. The channel is locked into the handle by means of two screws


6 inch €12.00 + VAT

12 inch €14.00 + VAT

14 inch €14.50 + VAT

18 inch €16.00 + VAT­




Plastic Clips

For improved hold of rubber in the channel.

Mainly used in brass squeegees.­

€4.50 +VAT



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ErgoTec SwivelLoc


Swivel squeegee head, freely adjustable and lockable. Problem solver for hard to-reach places.

  • Advanced ergonomic bi-component handle for comfortable use. 
  • Available in 30° angle 
  • Compatible with S-Channel. 
  • Fits securely to pole with Locking Cone for extra safety.

Size 12 inch. €24.95 + VAT

Size 14 inch. €25.45  + VAT

Size 18 inch. €26.95 + VAT

Size 22 inch. €27.45 + VAT