Water Fed Pole Systems.


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 If collecting or ordering cleaning equipment, please telephone the house first to ensure that someone is there to deal with your order.

Replacement squeegee rubber blades.

­Replacement Squeegee Rubbers by  Pulex - Unger - SYR




Replacement Squeegee rubber refill strips/blades.

4 types available In 36inch lengths.


Window cleaning Squeegee Rubbers

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Plastic Channel Clips



For improved hold of rubber in the channel.


Pulex 36" Rubber Blades €4.00 + VAT

Unger Hard Rubber 36"  €4.50 +VAT

Unger Soft Rubber 36"  €4.50 +VAT

Syr 36" Rubber €5.00 + VAT­

€4.50 + VAT